We are among the three leaders of Ukraine in the field of supply of LED outdoor lighting equipment, construction of road safety facilities and alternative energy objects.


We are among the three leaders of Ukraine in the field of supply of LED outdoor lighting equipment, construction of road safety facilities and alternative energy objects.

Group of companies Panorama

We are implementing complex projects for construction and modernization of street lighting. In many regions, we have a partner network, which makes it easy to work with us, from design to installation and commissioning.

We have an innovative approach and wide opportunities, open to partnership and aim to contribute to the development of Ukraine’s infrastructure.

The group includes:

Comfort Town

Construction and assembly company “Comfort Town” performs a whole range of works, from design, to installation and commissioning for objects of any complexity: street and industrial lighting, infrastructure of cities, solar power plants.


Company “Prisma”, located in the city of Poltava, provides a full cycle of works on production of metal structures for street lighting, both standard and individual orders. Besides, we carry out works on cutting of metal and pipes on the CNC plasma cutting machine.


Trading House “Panorama” is a distributor of LED lights, poles, masts and other metal structures for street, park and industrial lighting.

Our solutions

Control system Schreder Owlet iOT

Owlet iOT remotely controls the luminaires in the illumination network, creating opportunities for efficiency, accurate real-time data acquisition and energy savings of up to 85%. Thanks to the feedback, you can track the operating status, energy consumption and possible interruptions in the operation of the luminaires.

Self-contained lighting systems

Self-contained lighting system is an LED luminaire on a pole that runs on solar panels.

The energy during the day is stored in the battery, and with the onset of darkness, the controller switches on the lighting.

Folding poles and masts

Folding legs and masts are complex technical solutions because they not only consist of a metal base, but also have mechanisms that ensure their folding. Such poles are often used to illuminate objects on the territory of which access of special equipment is undesirable or even impossible.

Traffic light poles with LED backlight

Extra backlight on traffic lights attracts the attention of drivers from afar. Even with heavy rainfall or fog, the motorist sees the traffic signal and manages to stop the car in time for the pedestrian crossing. LED strips are equipped with devices on the most emergency sections of the road network.

Park poles and brackets

We produce: multifaceted, conical round, decorative lighting poles, brackets, headers of any complexity of lighting of parks and squares.

We have a complete set of equipment for metalworking and fabrication of metal structures. We will make according to your drawings or offer from an assortment

Frame metal supports

They are used for installation on the roadway of the following structures: typical road signs, information boards, video cameras and motion sensors, signs of individual design, electronic and LED panels.

Frame metal supports are available in three types: П-, Г- and T-shaped.

Multifunctional system Shuffle

Shuffle – far more than a lighting system. Integrating features such as loudspeakers, voice connection, WiFi, surveillance cameras, charger for electric vehicles and light ring into the Shuffle column creates extra value for public space and goes beyond lighting, offering unlimited opportunities to enhance the quality of life for residents and city guests.

Architectural LED-backlight

The architectural illumination of the facades helps to put emphasis on buildings, emphasize individual elements or hide flaws, to give the house in a favorable light its value.

Also, it will increase the convenience and safety of human presence on the streets, especially in the dark and transform the city streets, giving them memorable features.

Construction of solar power plants

We provide our customers with a full range of services for the design, construction and further operation of solar power plants.

We implement both common standard projects of various capacities and applications, and the development of individual systems that will optimally meet the needs and requirements of the customer.

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